Gentle Magic with Bingz Huang

Kellita Maloof - How to Feel Safe and Loved Through Being Seen

August 25, 2021 Bingz Huang Season 1 Episode 2
Gentle Magic with Bingz Huang
Kellita Maloof - How to Feel Safe and Loved Through Being Seen
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In this second episode, I'm so honored to share an interview I did a year ago with Kellita Maloof as a Gentleness Ambassador. I have benefitted so much from joining her online workshops, and through interviewing her. She is a wonderful human and her work is so, so sacred.

Listen to how she teaches her clients to feel safe and loved through being seen.
You can also read some of the highlights from this interview in my article here.

About Kellita
Kellita Maloof is a Performing and Teaching Artist, Embodiment Facilitator and Conscious Burlesque Mentor known lovingly as "The Showgirl Shaman."  She works at the intersection where burlesque dance meets depth psychology meets attachment theory meets individuation meets autoimmune recovery meets spirituality. 

For over 20 years, Kellita's been helping kind, soulful, highly sensitive helpers who've been over-editing, over-managing and over-giving – and are attracted to dance theater and expressive arts performance – to trust and express themselves with confidence, presence and radiance. She integrates into her work Systemic Constellations, EFT, Holographic tNLP, InterPlay and Interpersonal Neurobiology. Kellita's mission is to support folks in dusting off the fountain of Self-Love that was hiding right in the center of their very own shimmy.

Here's how you can connect with Kellita: 

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